Hi there!

I'm AnnMarie

I am a true-blue ‘Bronx girl’. I was raised by a single mother in a strict Irish-Italian Catholic home. I grew up in the midst of a very tight knit church community, that was made up of mostly Puerto Rican and African American families. I always felt very loved by my church family. The blessing of growing up within so many different cultures gave me a love and desire for diversity always.


But I always knew there was something else calling to me. Spirit. I was happiest when I was close to nature. Even in the Big City, there were plenty of opportunities for me to be near Mother Nature.  My mom and I frequently visited The Bronx Zoo, The Bronx Botanical Gardens, & Central Park Zoo. I watched both zoos transform through the years from caged animals to natural habitats where you could barely see the Tigers! I lived in a NYC Housing Project by Clason Point where the East River meets Westchester Creek. I spent many days climbing the rocks by the river’s edge, looking for ‘sea glass’ and horseshoe crabs. Summertime was spent at Orchard Beach, on the western end of the Long Island Sound. For a city girl, I was constantly surrounded by the Healing Touch of Gaia. 


When I had my daughters, we lived across from the East River in Astoria Queens. Years later, we moved to upstate NY, near the Hudson River. We were close to Grafton State Park & Saratoga State Park and many other areas that offered hiking trails, lakes, parks. We would travel a few hours to The Adirondacks where a dear friend owned a lodge on Long Lake. 


Now I spend most of the year in Florida, on The Space Coast. I drive alongside the Indian River everyday. The view is breathtaking & the wildlife is astounding! The birds, manatees, dolphins &, yes - Alligators!! 


My Spiritual “training” as I think of it, started in 2014. I found this wonderful, gifted woman who was creating her own spiritual following by providing email readings. She had told me I was “Claircognizant”...That I just ‘knew’ things & yes... Yes I did just ‘know’ things. I continued to follow her as she began what turned into a very large group on Facebook. I attended a retreat thru this group in Loveland Colorado in 2017 where I met - you guessed it - "Like Minded People" There were those that were further along and served as moderators and those that were just at the beginning of their path. We all had something to offer and the Love & Acceptance in the group was palpable. I received the gift of having my Crown Chakra adjusted by the group administrator. She was preparing for a lecture and I was already seated in the audience. She stopped what she was doing, came over to me and placed her hands on my head. She stated “Spirit wanted me to open your Crown Chakra. If you ever thought of Channeling or ever wanted to, you will be able to now” …..Boy, was she right! From that moment on, I could feel Spirit pushing me to let loose with Channeled messages. About a year later, I worked with another moderator who gave me my Crystal Reiki Master attunements. And then, finally, I reached out to yet another moderator from the group and we worked together for almost 2 months. She helped me gain the confidence I needed to receive Spirit’s messages & let them flow thru me. All this has led me to right here, right now, with you!

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