"AnnMarie is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift. The first time I had a session with her, I was reluctant because I never experienced Crystal Reiki before. However, she explained what the process was and made sure I was comfortable before we began."

"Whether you're going through something you want guidance with or just want a "tune up", you will leave feeling renewed and empowered."

"If any of you are new to this, rest assured that you are in good hands. I highly recommend AnnMarie. During our session, I received many messages, & a Chakra Attunement, all of which rang true to me. It helped me immensely with my current situation."

"It's truly an amazing experience. I'm so thankful to AnnMarie for all she did to help me." - Michelle R.

"I contacted AnnMarie about a precious book I could not find, & needed for a class. It was from my Best friend who passed several years ago, & I was distraught. Through 3 Oracle cards that came out, she relayed the message from my beloved friend ~ (That having the book was nothing compared to the beautiful closeness & love we shared. That the book 'was' around somewhere)....There was more, but being able to receive that message through AnnMarie was SO comforting & enlightening, I was able to focus on the lesson that was in it for me. AnnMarie truly was right on target with exactly what I needed to know."

- Susan Tyler

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